Hi Neighbor!


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Here’s looking at you, neighbor!

My name is Wendi Webb and I’m a long-time resident of Newport Beach. More importantly, I’m a long-time shopper on 17th Street!!

I’ve been shopping 17th Street about 30 years now, and probably upwards of 60% of my shopping takes place on those four or five blocks. I shop a couple of times a week. Bank on 17th Street. Buy groceries. Chat with neighbors in the parking lot. Visit kids I know who work on 17th Street. Give the kids who are hanging out the evil eye — just in case.

But you know what? As much as I shop here… chat here… browse here… I rarely know what is going on in our 17th Street community. I never know all the shops coming in and out. What are they selling? What’s trending? What am I missing?

FOMO on 17th Street

I want to know. You should know, too. That’s why we publish the 17th Street Shopper. Because this is our community and our neighborhood. Let’s shop our local Mom & Pops. They make the area cool! And let’s support our neighbors and the local folks. They do all the day-to-day heavy lifting that makes our community a great place to live, work and raise kids.

So, welcome to the 17th Street Shopper. We’re here to bring you news, gossip and info about your community. Stuff you won’t find in the Daily Pilot or Current. This bi-weekly blog will feature sweet deals from the shops that populate 17th Street and I hope you’ll visit often to say howdy, support your community and save some money! After all, residency has its privileges.



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